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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
it's not so different from Amiga fans dreaming of new hardware, is it?. UAE works just fine doesn't it?
And really... why XboxOne when there's PS4? Why Steam Box when there's PS4...
But then again.. why are there 1000 different car models instead of 3.
Why 5 brands of milk instead of 1. This can go on for a while.
Brand loyalty is seldom logical, yet if money can be made out of if, it might attract interest from someone...
I think it is different. I don't think Amiga fans dream of new hardware but an OS which uses today's hardware. An Amiga OS that runs directly on today's PC architecture is probably most users' dream scenario. And even then it's a computer, it's open to public development of software which is what makes things like that viable. Consoles are for game playing mainly, computers are for amateur coders, musicians, 3D rendering and other software development as well as gaming and the internet.

A new console would be a complete closed shop and it would need to sell in the millions to be commercially viable for big companies to take any interest it in. As already said if you want a DC then buy a DC, Sega's time passed by over a decade ago just as Atari and Commodore's time passed decades ago as well.

The only way any company could come in now is to make an OS for off the shelf consumer hardware (ie current PC's) and then support it with games but they would also need third party developers to help them as well.
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