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It isn't safe to use statesaves if game will update part of save data (or have sort of temp save file) or character data in some situations. For example some RPG games do it when entering/exiting town. You need to do "normal" save to update all.

Above example can cause inconsistent game state if you create state file, exit town (game updates internal temp save file), load state file: When you exit town again, game can get confused if it firsts loads part of game state and data isn't what game expected (wrong state, game state was supposed to be "town state" but unexpected it was "world map state")

I think in your case game has separate on disk roster save file and game got confused when it attempted to read or write it but it was wrong size or contained unexpected data. (Character has disappeared or is already in roster file and at the same time in party or some other unexpected state)

You can try saving normal game save, perhaps it rewrites full roster file too.

Statefile does not include possible modified disk image files, you can of course manually copy and match statefiles and disks if you want but it is quite boring..

EDIT: It is good idea to create normal save periodically and keep back up of save disk to prevent complete data loss if game gets confused.

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