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Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
You can use the official rodent peripheral for the SNES version, or the joypad as you would with the MD port. The d-pad simulates the mouse in moving your cursor around and then you press a button to instruct your troops to walk to that position. I've read it works well if you grew up using joypads.

The mobile version on the other hand sounds painful. You rotate a cursor through a 360 degree plane until it's pointing in the direction you want to walk, and then press another button to move forwards. You can only fire in the direction you're facing. Try defending yourself from a surprise onslaught with a control mechanism like that! Maybe this is the real reason there's no iOS or Android version. I wonder if you can get a Bluetooth mouse for smartphones. Joypads are available so why not?
Interesting--glad to see that the SNES mouse could be used for something besides Mario Paint! If there's no Android or iOS version, what mobile platform did Cannon Fodder appear on?

Thanks for the info on the poppies. I'd never heard of the purple and black before. Checked it out on Wikipedia to help us not get too off-topic
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