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Originally posted by Bombjacker
Have I stired up a hornets nest or what?

The only one's who seem to make logical sense are CJ and LaundroMat.
Now that's an unfair statement. What you should have said is that they are the only ones who see the same point of view as you. I could make the same statement about Akira, since I lean more in the direction he is on. I have played THPS on the PSX and I liked it, however. I just despise games on the PC; they are always lacking something and always feel stiff and artifical. I have tried to adjust that viewpoint so many times. Friends will rave about a game and convince me to give it a look. Every time, it's the same thing. And no wonder. You have to upgrade the bloody thing to meet game requirements so often, it's clearly not a box that is designed for gaming like the others. No wonder it feels so rigid.

I'll stop here, cuz I really don't wanna ramble or rant on this. I reckon nobody visited the link I posted. It's hard to imagine not a single comment on that... (sigh)
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