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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Well, I think they do, because we do post on this board so it is important for us to know how and why people can be banned. If this is arbitrary and up to the moderator's mood then this means everyone has to follow some arbitrary restrictions which is not very compatible with creativity and free exchange of ideas.

If there is a series of objective criteria which are well thought out and reasonable then no one needs to fear they might be banned for expressing their views just because some moderator did not like what he read.

This completely changes the mood of the board.

Also, the idea of indefinite banning is outdated, people change, and even if they persisted, temporarily banning them once in a while would not be that much of a burden given the amount of moderators on the board.

I sure hope the EAB was acting in a more adult and transparent way about this.
You make some good points, I certainly don't think moderators should ban somebody just because they don't agree with their point of view, or because they don't like them on a personal level. Certainly not a fan or permabanning, extreme cases maybe.

But as I see it, a heated conversation became just a little too heated and ended up crossing a line. But how do we define this line? Somebody has to make that judgement call, and I`m not sure you can distil it down to a perfect science which gives you the perfect outcome each time. A member was given a chance to retract and apologise, they didn't.

I mean, it's not like this is a governmental body or a justice movement. It's a place where people hang out and chat Amiga, a place you can spend some quality time in polite conversation with like minded people. The moderators keep the wheels oiled so it stays like that, if they see somebody upsetting the balance they step in.

What's the banning average? Per Year? How does it compare to other communities? I don't know those numbers, but I get the sense things are very fair, balanced and friendly here.
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