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Playing "Legend of Faerghail", suddenly "Software error - Task Held"?

When I try to dismiss a character from my party (very routine task) the game kicks me out into Amiga Desktop and says "Software Error - Task Held, press Cancel to debug/restart" and then it jumps to:

"GURU MEDITATION, #87000008.265F48F1"

I've been using WinUAE for six months with no problems, wonderful software, have finished "Crossbow - Legend of William Tell" and have played "Legend of Faerghail" since this summer, but tonight something happened.

In LoF, when I am in any Tavern ( ) I can temporarily dismiss characters from my party and add others from the roster (to store rations and equipment on "packmule" characters), I have had no problem juggling these characters for six months, and just two hours ago I did my last search through all my characters in the roster to find an artifact that I nabbed and put on my thief.

I never save the game on virtual floppy disks, I just save the "Game State" in .uss files under WinUAE's "Miscellaneous". I've never had a problem with it.

This error code ("Software Error - Task Held") started happening when dismissing a character an hour ago, and even if I reload to an earlier state and erase a few characters from the roster I still cannot dismiss characters from my existing party without the emulator crashing.

So all the gear and artifacts that lie on my mule characters (some of the artifacts are required for the endgame) are inaccessible right now. What can I do?!

I cannot imagine that the game files have suddenly grown too big from my hoarding, because I am only on level 7 with my characters and the recommended level for taking on the end boss is lvl 25-30.

My settings are:

CPU: 68000

Chipset: OCS

ROM: Kickstart v1.3 rev 34.5 (1987)(Commodore)(A500-A1000-A2000-CDTV).romc

RAM: 512 Kb

Edit: I tried to boot the game in WinUAE from scratch, instead of just starting WinUAE and reloading a saved .uss-state, but when I put in the three .adf floppy disks under "Floppys" and press start, I can't get the game to boot anymore, it says this:

Also, if I load a week-old save state and try to do anything now, like open a character menu, I get kicked out and get above error message.

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