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Originally Posted by Joe Maroni View Post
Am I the only one that think this game is really ugly..???

Don't be angry with me but i think I would spend less than 1 EUR for such a game...

Maybe you all who are involved in this game try your best and i really wish you luck with your kickstarter campaign but i think for 10 EURO I could buy a really better game than this...

Perhaps you call it pixelart, but in my opinion this are just rendered pictures, calculated down to 32 colors with an alghorithm like Median Cut...

Did your "pixel" artist ever saw what can be done with 32 colors?

Have a look at my attachment from wasn't done by me....

Just my opinion...
I agree, and i can't stand Amos stuff. The gfx would probably look a lot better if they were made for 32 colors from the beginning.
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