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You can use the official rodent peripheral for the SNES version, or the joypad as you would with the MD port. The d-pad simulates the mouse in moving your cursor around and then you press a button to instruct your troops to walk to that position. I've read it works well if you grew up using joypads.

The mobile version on the other hand sounds painful. You rotate a cursor through a 360 degree plane until it's pointing in the direction you want to walk, and then press another button to move forwards. You can only fire in the direction you're facing. Try defending yourself from a surprise onslaught with a control mechanism like that! Maybe this is the real reason there's no iOS or Android version. I wonder if you can get a Bluetooth mouse for smartphones. Joypads are available so why not?

No, it's a genuine article from the Daily Star written just before the release of Cannon Fodder in '93. It's one of the trashy 'red tops', barely a comic book really, but sadly read by millions of people, and plenty of those are overseas if you can believe that. They'll jump on any sensationalist bandwagon if it means stirring up controversy and shifting more copies.

The paper would have had to tread very carefully given that world war vets are practically a protected species in this country (and rightly so in my opinion). It would be suicide to even hint at siding with Sensible Software, or digging beneath the surface hyperbole.

Even now people tend to wear poppies for fear of appearing disrespectful towards vets whether they believe in the sentiment or not. If someone in the limelight e.g. a TV presenter forgets to wear one, they're lambasted in the papers.

We now have black and purple poppies as well as the more traditional white and red ones in case people feel the need to narrow down their public political stance or focus on who deserves commemoration.
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