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Originally Posted by Knoeki View Post
Right, but I feel like I'm seeing a trend where the prices go up by about a 100 euro every 3 months, and that seems ridiculous. I get the idea sometimes that all people do with these things is buy them, maybe stick them in their amiga for a few days, and then sell it again a few months later for +100 euro... and whether or not this is the trend for other retro hardware too isn't really relevant to me.

But I suppose I'm just bitter 'cause I don't have any of this stuff and will likely never be able to justify/afford any of it ;(
This is just supply and demand 101, these prices reflect the balance between those who sell and those who have money. They are perfectly understandable given the (apparent) rarity of Amiga hardware (apparent because many of this hardware likely lies dormant in basements/attics/landfills). If all of us had bought a Blizzard 060 back in the day they would be worth almost nothing.

Also, you have a PC which is likely thousand times more powerful than a Blizzard 060 and for a fraction of the price. Just emulate one if you need it, no need to possess an actual physical object to get the same benefits, and legally moreover.

I'm saying it's bullshit because it's a ridiculous amount of money for hardware this old. I understand the value, but this way it seems like it only gets in the hands of people that have way too much cash laying around just using it to resell for more cash later on.
You are just speculating there.
If you really think there is money to be made simply buying and selling higher then you should just borrow 1000$ from your bank and play that game. But good luck making a cent like this.

Prices only go up if here are buyers, there are people richer than you (and me) and they will have first dibs on nice stuff. If you think that is unfair, you ought to vote for the people who want to change that. It's not going to change otherwise.

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