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Originally Posted by TenLeftFingers View Post
I'm curious - those who are critical of this campaign or think they can produce a better product: If this gets funded at 4,000, would it encourage you to produce your own vision knowing you could get crowdfunded above 4,000+ ? Sincere question about what kind of result here would motivate you (and not trying to rehash what's already been said).
Frankly, 4000€ is quite a low amount for the development of a full fledged game.
Especially for a team, where the money needs to be split across members.

Even if the development takes only, say, one month, which I think is improbable given the Amiten team are not professional-level Amiga developers (not meaning anything bad here, just looking at their experience), this will clearly not fund their actual living expenses. Also, judging from early videos, they still have a lot to learn in term of tweaking and tuning gameplay so they will need way more time if they want to ship an actually enjoyable game.

So, we are looking at funding a 4-5 team for several months with only 4000€, which can probably only cover their food expenses (at best).

This said, given the reputation of the team (not a single previous project brought to completion) and the presentation of the project maybe this is actually encouraging. A smaller, accomplished, team (maybe of one), with a clear focus and aim might draw even further funding.

Wait and see.
I wish Amiten and his team to learn a lot of things during this project. I do not think it will be successful (for the reasons others have mentioned) but it is a learning experience and in any case it should prove fruitful to those who took the risk to step forward and do something, even if (in my opinion) they should have honed their skills quite a bit more before jumping the ledge.

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