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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Maybe some coder could offer to finish it and the author share the source with him.
I could try to get in touch with Kev about it I could and ask him but I wouldn't hold your breath
This is a project very dear to me and I would've given anything to work with Kev on it further to develop it into a single player sci-fi RPG. I never got a chance to explain to Kev how we'd do this in the current engine as he won't reply to my emails and everytime I have spoken to him about Renegades he makes it very clear he's done with it and done with programming on the amiga. I suspect this is the best that it's ever going to be.

But if someone was to get the source off the original .adf and modify it I couldn't stop them, if they could understand it that is. I know that the .abk files are packed so that side of things wouldn't be able to be edited and new files would have to be created.
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