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This source code belongs in the Amiga community, where it currently is, regardless of legal status or if it eventually becomes open source.

I read some fear mongering in this thread which makes me chuckle, granted, the random individual will always have a problem being sued by a corporation, simply because money is power. However, my experience working in several corporations during the 90s, including Sun Microsystems, makes me question the illusion in this thread that there are high standards of ethics regarding software development.

When working for a large company/corporation you pretty much learn to systematically violate any copyright that would prove beneficial to the team where you work, this is also backed by in-house lawyers who calculate any risks involved. You do whatever you can get away with, and then some, getting sued is part of the competition tactics, as well as reverse engineering any products the competition releases. Looking at the Amiga OS 3.1 source code you can see traces of this behaviour, it's just how software was developed back during the 90s, and perhaps it still is. Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty of innovation, but above all there is competition.

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