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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
It is not at all clear that Cloanto has the right to open source Amiga OS. And if he does, open sourcing it would make his whole business model moot. Kickstart is an integral part of classic Amiga OS.

Having a closer look at original CBM source code is interesting, but today we have AROS.
Cloanto does a bunch of things. Amiga Forever is not their entire or even primary business.

To everyone in this thread that keeps repeating how an army of lawyers would devour any poor old geezer trying to compile some 30 year old libs for a niche community...
Please walk me through the math here. "Show me the money"... Cost of lawyers vs the complexity of the copyright situation vs the desperately small number of paying AmigaOS users...

Anyway, just set up a team of programmers in North Korea. No law or lawyer will ever get to them and the A500 is probably the best computer they can get hold of anyway so they will be motivated :-) :-) :-)

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