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Originally Posted by Aegis View Post
Or perhaps enforce a fix whereby if Z2/3 RAM is added then Motherboard/CPU RAM is automatically set to a minimum of 1MB? If this is the behaviour of a real Amiga then it seems a shame to make an emulation 'special case' when everything else is designed to replicate the hardware as closely as possible..?
Other RAM types are not necessarily supported by selected KS ROM. For example A1200 3.0 ROM don't automatically add "Mainboard RAM" regions.

Z2/Z3 RAM are the only RAM types that work with all ROMs. (Z2 = since KS 1.2, Z3 since 2.0+)

I think the only automatic method is to not unmap Z3 board at reset if it is the only Fast RAM board. (But technically it could cause address space conflict if autoconfig devices to do mapping differently. No existing ROM does it but some future patch/replacement may do it)

It'd be nice to confirm this guru happens on the actual hardware though - sadly my A4000 bit the dust a long time ago - luckily it's been preserved in WinUAE
I have A4000 but don't have any Z3 RAM boards. Autoconfig spec says all autoconfig devices should stop responding to all autoconfigured addresses and return to unconfigured mode and wait for reconfigure by expansion.library. (It is possible they actually don't do it but at least technically it is against the spec)
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