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Originally Posted by fatboy View Post
Not just yet

Just to clarify this is a personal experiment to see if I can live for 12 months without the those of us of a certain age can remember life before the web

I think the net is great......just have to avoid all the pointless stuff out there!

I'll be back to report my efforts (and it WILL be an effort) and see if it is indeed possible to function in a modern society without relying on having internet access. Lets see how it goes
It's not that difficult and you will find you're more at ease.

I remember a few years ago I went abroad with my family for two weeks and left my phone at home (my family thought I was mad - but I'm on holiday so why would I want to be fussed with the internet and things at home?). No internet access at all - enjoyed myself a lot more and you see the world in a whole different light. Good luck
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