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Originally Posted by Derek View Post
Correct me if i'm wrong, but open source doesn't have to equal FOSS. I'd be inclined to agree with you if it were FOSS, but just being open source could provide 'assistance' to Cloanto who can incorporate peoples ideas/fixes but still retain the right to sell it when others don't. Managed well, could it actually be beneficial to Cloanto and the broader Amiga community?
This is true, but nobody suggested it should be FOSS, me included.
Open sourcing of any kind just isn't going to happen without some sort of miracle. Not all of the code is Commodore, quite a lot of it is owned/copyright of other companies and developers.
It would take a lot of time, work and money to have all the code searched and audited for none Commodore code, after that, licences would have to be agreed upon and purchased for any non Commodore code, IF that could even be possible at all!
Nobody is going to put that much money and time into this, especially as Hyperion and some others would rather see any OS 3.x related material simply vanish into the void!
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