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Originally Posted by turrican9 View Post
So when I saw this ACA 1221 I was finally able to get a cheap accelerator for my ACA 500 so I could make that usable again. I don't mind these unlock features as the whole point for me was to get something cheap for my ACA 500 that would make whdload usable. It's nice to have the upgrade path if I need it.

This is exactly what Jens is aiming at, instead of having to master 5 or 6 different models, needing 5 or 6 different Crystals (for the clock speed), he masters one device, with different configurations.

Someone who wants the 9MB option (8+1) gets it at a cheaper cost than someone who wants the 64MB option (63+1), who otherwise would have said "Nah mate, not shelling out for a 64MB device just because I only want the 9MB".

The whole exercise is that Jets makes lets say 1000 devices, instead of 200 of each differing configuration. Bulk manufacture on the one device means cheaper production cost. He caters to different needs in the one unit.

The cry alot people here can go make their own device if they wish, I applaud Jens' efforts in the Amiga community.

Do people honestly cry foul at their Paytv provider for offering different packages at different costs, CableTV or Satellite, the signal (channels) is/are already there, it just depends on your package paid for as to what you get to see.
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