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Originally Posted by Cyborg View Post
Guys, this is *not* funny anymore. You are all dealing with copyrighted material and I can assure you, Hyperion will definitely *not* tolerate any unauthorized use of this material.

You should all think twice before publishing more copies of this material. (or making available via "The Zone" or similar)
Yeah, I guess Hyperions business would be REALLY REALLLY hurt by a leak of pre 4.0 material. Right? No - Actually a pre 4.0 open source would probally SPUR the interest in overall Amiga, and make more sales for OS 4++, but if they're stuck in the early 80:s to thinking... well.
It won't happen though, but the leak is at least giving some attention to amiga - and that might make some more people interested in 4.++
So I only do see positive things with this leak.

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