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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I doubt they could remake the dreamcast hardware even if they wanted to. The FABs which made the chips have all closed or been upgraded to a smaller geometry
Don't quite follow you here, why would they wanna remake the old hardware?

The old Dreamcast used a PowerVR GPU, the granddaddy of the GPUs in iPads, iPhones. I'm sure it's easy enough to "emulate" the old chip if you stay with that architecture. The CPU is a little less ideal. But it's only a 200MHz Hitachi PPC. It should be easy enough to "emulate"...

Still I think it would be more convenient for SEGA to stay away from hardware and, as I mentioned in an earlier post, license the brands to say... Zotac.. And they'd manufacture a Steam-box with Dreacast-esque design, decent enough hardware but not too expensive.
Then focus on offering SEGA exclusives and of course make the old Dreamcast library available as remastered (exclusive to Dreamcast2) downloads.
Should be easy enough to crank up the resolution of old games and apply some Screen Space based GPU effects to make it look better.

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