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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
The leaked source code contains both the Green Hills Compiler version and Peter Cherna´s SASC v6.x intuition.library version.
Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
There is also in the leaked archive:

Bridgeboard utilities with source code (PC utilities require MASM to compile, which is freeware)
Envoy earlier releases up to 1.7 with source code
Early TCP-IP Commodore stack code
AmigaVision 2.5 with source code

There is a very wonderful document called futprod.doc (Word document from november 5th 1993). That describes a lot of the projects
and the insights of Commodore before its demise. It provides a great description of the roadmap they were heading.
A lot of it revolved around several CD32 variants, the new PA-RISC architecture and what AAA could and couldn´t do.
Amongst other things, it clearly portrays why Haynie´s AAA project had little or no future. Also, there is mention
of hardware that we never knew existed (eg.: PA-RISC/3D early development, Motivator RTG graphics board)
It also mentions AmigaOS 4.0 was all about RTG for standard Amigas and for AAA and that part of 4.0 work in progress
is the little v42 sourcecode there is in the leaked archive.
Yes, lots of interesting stuff, not to mention if you do a 'grep -r -i copyright *' to realize there is a lots of source code from other companies, with comments like "remove IBM garbage" as the code development progresses.
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