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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Fixes are always nice I must admit. But most of the things I can think of are already been worked on by Cloanto, large drive support for example. It's obviously been available a long time as a DIY fix but it's nice to see a kickstart ROM released with it already fixed.
Perhaps drop them a line with a list of specific fixes you would like to see?
Perhaps Workbench support for displaying the correct sizes for large partitions?
Oh, but Cloanto instead removed workbench.library entirely.

Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel View Post
Andy Finkel worked as a consultant for Amiga Technologies GmbH in 1995, and as far as I know this would include getting the Amiga operating system code into a usable form again, suitable for product development.
Interesting, I thought Finkel disappeared out of the picture no later than 1994.

Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel
Andy Finkel did something for me which literally changed my life. He pointed me to two books which were new at the time, these being "Debugging the development process" by Steve Maguire and "Dynamics of software development" by Jim McCarthy (Steve Maguire's other book "Writing solid code" blew my mind). Reading these books I realized that there was a professional practice for developing quality software. Andy set me on the path of becoming a professional programmer.
That's also interesting. I think most people in this community would have regarded you as a professional programmer already, but what you're saying is that Commodore actually employed professionals and not just semi-professionals.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I for one don't give a shit and hope Hyperion fold and stop trying to cash in on the Amiga scene. I love the work of people trying to fix and improve the ROM and its functions and I hope it keeps on happening unconstrained by bullshit legal matters.
Hyperion? Surely you mean Cloanto? Hyperion (or rather, their contractors) have their own codebase developed by a large effort of their own.

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