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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
That leak is good news for the Amiga community.

You can look at it, figure out what the bug is, then try to patch the binary file in ASM just like you reverse engineered it, except that you won't waste time understanding ASM code without symbols.
There will be no proof that you used the source, hence it will be as legal as other ROM fixes done without the source! (we do it all the time in whdload slaves)

What you cannot release is a compiled version from modified sources! (although you can create one for test purposes)
I would not recommend this approach. First thing, now that the archive is in the open, everybody would naturally assume how you came by the information on updating the code (why? it's the easiest way), putting you on the defensive to prove that you achieved this by different means. Hyperion is bound by contract to defend the AmigaOS 3.1 source code, as opposed to the game companies which issued what is now considered abandonware for the Amiga: they don't care, Hyperion does.

The other reason being that you'll have the devil of a time testing the changes, verifying that they indeed work on all variations of the hardware which the code shipped for. This is difficult even for guys such as myself who did just this sort of thing for Amiga Technologies GmbH and then for the AmigaOS 3.5 and 3.9 updates.

You break somebody else's setup, you are going to regret it

Hey didn't Olaf write the Action Replay MKIII code? back in 1992 it just rocked man, I still have mine somewhere.
No, wasn't me. There were only a few developers active in the Amiga field by the name of "Olaf", but I never was involved with the Action Replay cartridge.
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