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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Yes, but those are huge-ass compared to a Pi/Pine, and they also use a lot more power - not considering more expensive! You have to add RAM, PSU and storage to it ($$$), and obviously you can't expect to put a microSD on such a system and expect it to be enough in terms of r/w speeds And well... an ATX power-supply is massive, and SFX ones are really expensive...

tl;dr You can now see why everyone likes ARM boards
Same for ARM, PSU, memory card etc - yes i agree they are slightly more expensive but they provide way more capabilities (extensions) side to this in Intel case open GPU (well true also for BCM GPU but MALI or other GPU's closed blob full of nasty bugs).
Overall add on top 30 - 40$ and you can run everything you wish where on ARM it is somehow reduced.

Originally Posted by phx View Post
The network and USB ports cannot even trigger interrupts, but have to be polled, wasting 20% of the possible performance!
Well - blame CPU design - long pipeline and large cache prevent to use interrupts - polling is simply more efficient.
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