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Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel View Post
Well, in my opinion this stuff is not such a big deal. I'm not the kind of guy who writes a blog, I very much prefer this forum medium instead

I cannot tell a story about my involvement in this piece of Amiga history, it's just bits and pieces. To make a point, I can tell only details about what I saw, or was involved in, and even then I must consider what I can tell because some details I must not share.

There are other stories and other points of view. What I may be able to tell is therefore incomplete, probably biased and may not be accurate. Please keep this in mind.

As for Amiga history, good books have been writte about it already. I personally like Jimmy Maher's "The future was here" best.

(For the record: I never worked for Commodore, I only got involved in this AmigaOS business because I was invited to do consulting work for Amiga Technologies GmbH -- up until then I had been a paying, registered 3rd party developer with "Commodore B├╝romaschinen GmbH", the local German Commodore subsidiary in Frankfurt).
Of course every story told is is from a personal with but nontheless interesting. As yours is too. Even small bits and pieces are part of that big history puzzle around the Amiga. So i will read everything you will tell us in the future with big interest.
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