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Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
I have an ACA500 with ACA1221 that I use on an A1000. Works fine. I want to add the RTC module. How can I get it to work? I installed it on the ACA1221, and it does not work.
RTC won't work at all on the ACA500. Please remember that the ACA500 was designed for the Amiga 500, which always had it's RTC on the internal trapdoor memory expansion. Using it on the A1000 is possible, but if you want an RTC, you'll have to look for a different solution.

The prototype of the ACA500plus has three options for the RTC:

1. on A500 trapdoor memory expansion (like the old ACA500)
2. on the clock port of the ACA500plus
3. on the A1200 accelerator

This means that you can even override an existing RTC (for example if it's defective on the trapdoor expansion) with the RTC of a known-good A1200 accelerator.

There's still quite a bit of work to do no the ACA500plus, so please don't ask for a release date ;-)

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