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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I love this.
Looking forward to use a much improved, better version of OS 3.1 and its kickstart.
I too hope this could lead to something, but other comments seem to indicate that the 'serious' developers cannot even look at this or risk having their work cast into doubt. Imagine progress to date taken down :/
Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
If it's open source, then at least there is a chance to get going.
My thoughts exactly. If it has a latent future at all this is how it can happen. Since Hyperion seem to have all rights within the constraint of 4.x development, we could see continuations such as 3.91x etc

The raspberry pi would also be a great boon as the hardware side is still expensive. Maybe the endianness could be made moot so that arm could be a potential future target.

But if it's been available for this many years, I imagine nothing is going to change now just because of a headline?
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