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I was always annoyed how the ACA 500 did not come with enough mem to really use whdload. Then I bought the ACA 1233 which was very expensive and had much more mem than I needed for whdload. I later put this ACA 1233 to good use in a Amiga 1200 I bought. so nowadays I'm happy with the investment I did from buying the ACA 1233. However, my ACA 500 has been unused because it was missing a good cheap accelerator card. My Amiga 600 already had a good cheap accelerator in the ACA 620 which has just enough to even whdload Beneath a steel sky. Nice and cheap option for the 600.

So when I saw this ACA 1221 I was finally able to get a cheap accelerator for my ACA 500 so I could make that usable again. I don't mind these unlock features as the whole point for me was to get something cheap for my ACA 500 that would make whdload usable. It's nice to have the upgrade path if I need it. I may unlock a bit more mem on it later on. Well, I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I think this was just the product we needed now. Nice and cheap option for both the ACA 500 and Amiga 1200 that will probably whdload almost every game in it's standard form (with no unlocks) except maybe Beneath a steel sky (will test that when I get the card).
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