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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
And what magical pink unicorn is going to appear IF it was open sourced? It would end up abandoned and forgotten just like the thousands of open source projects that lay dormant. Take this simple search of Aminet for example,, a page of results and a page of abandoned software. People wouldn't just appear out of nowhere to start working on 20 year old source code.
If you want open source, it's already here! Work on Aros or Haiku, where development help would be appreciated, or on Linux where it probably would not be.
Open source does not equal a magic pill!
I don't share your cynical view, that's all. If it's open source, then at least there is a chance to get going. No one can do everything themselves but a lot of ppl could make small but useful contributions. (Also, a more cleaned up code base would surely inspire someone to start porting to Raspberry Pi reaching potentially millions of users.)

Anyhow, FYI the Vampire 2 is made by pink Unicorns. ;-)
Did you think someone would produce a magical little card that gives you 100MHz 060 performance + 16 bit gfx with HDMI out for the A600? well, what do you know, someone did..
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