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- Very basic, as usual.
- Enable: "vh" in debugger. (cycle-exact mode must be enabled)
- Automatically adds "null" memwatch break point from 0 to 512k, used to capture all memory accesses.
- First 512k of chip ram only.
- 256x256 pixel matrix, 1 pixel = 8 bytes. (top/left = addresses 0 - 7, top/right = addresses 255*8 - 255*8+7 and so on..)
- Colors are same as in DMA debugger except CPU color was changed to brown from dark grey.
- CPU = all CPU accesses, no separation between opcode and data accesses.
- Each pixel has 32 shades, pixel gets darker each frame if it has not been "accessed".

At least it creates interesting images!

Will the "heat-map" have an option for capture pre-cache? That way routines which don't leave the cache can still be profiled
Too early for that.

EDIT: Separate color for CPU instruction (pink) and data accesses (brown).

"Heatmap" shows audio sample playing nicely (red lines). Also game/demo double/triple buffer usage is easy to see (flashing blue = bitplane DMA regions)

Not much CPU code activity, I guess most common routines are short loops except if program has or generates big unrolled loops.

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