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Scrolling Beat'em ups for Amiga

So, I am trying to find out if the Amiga ever had one single good scrolling Beat'em up. I am looking for ECS 1mb games. That's what I've found out so far ,from better to worse:

Golden Axe - Fair port of an average game. It's the only game on the genre for Amiga which I don't think is below average, even though it does have some issues.

Motorhead - Lacks 2 players, each level has just 3 type of enemies, gets repetitive too fast. The bonus levels are nice, and the game is kinda fun actually.

Shadow Warriors - Slow port of an average game. Still playable though.

Double Dragon 2 - It was nearly there, but the game has some serious issues... AI is completely fucked up, with enemies hitting you as soon as a level starts, and you getting stuck in a loop where you are hit, fall down, and then you are hit as soon as you stand up and fall again, and keep going on until you are dead. The collision detection also has some issues.

Final Fight - Bad port of an awesome game. It's still playable, but it's laughable when you try to compare it to any other 16 bits version of the game. Also suffers from endless loops of getting hit without escape (at least here you can use the special move to get rid of it...... which DOES NOT TAKE ANY HEALTH FROM YOU, wtf?). This and DD2 were both ported by Richard Applin which, IMO was a very good programmer but had no idea of what made those games any good, so he didn't know how to proper transfer the good gameplay aspects of those games to the Amiga.

Double Dragon 3 - Fair port of an awful arcade game.

Renegade - Awful port of an average arcade game. The arcade game was basically the one who started the genre, so I can forgive its shortcomings. It was never supposed to be on home systems since the game is so ridiculous short. Master System version had lots of new levels to compensate, the Amiga one keeps the same 3 levels and an awful playability.

Renegade 3 - This game is awful on every system I played. (Why they didn't bother bringing Target Renegade to Amiga will always be a mystery to me)

Last Action Hero - This could had been a very good game on the genre. It has a nice moveset, it runs a decent framerate, it has lots of enemies on screen, it even tries to have different enemies with different attack patterns. It even has music and SFX togethe...But the AI is so fucked up (what with the enemies skidding all over the place?), and all the moveset is unnecessary since all you need to do is hold the fire button while your character keeps punching everyone on the face (WHY the hell did they make the game with a "turbo fire button", no game on the genre does that!)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Arcade Game: Wasted opportunity, awful on every aspect.


Any other games I forgot?

I really think the Amiga could do a proper game on this genre, something akin to the first Streets of Rage (Or even a better arcade port of Turtles). If I had the knowledge and the time, I'd tackle trying to code on myself
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