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Firstly, lots of respect to you Amiten. It takes a bit of guts to launch a kickstarter campaign at the best of times, and to do it for an old platform, that is kept alive purely by enthusiasts like us is even more daunting. I wish you the very best of luck with the project.

However, it is worth taking note of Akira's views. As I read it, his points are more about what is being done from your side to encourage and maintain the confidence of your backers. It's an obvious point and should be taken as constructive feedback. Keeping your backers updated and using definite timelines and milestones really makes them believe that you are as serious as you actually are.

Lastly, keep heart. Look at the responses in this thread. They are mostly positive and you have a lot of backers, so the majority are convinced you can come up with the goods

Looking forward to seeing how this grows in 2016.
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