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Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
Last train to Danzig:
No the demo isn't RTG, this is just the main config I use
I played around with the a4000 quickstart config and it looks like the problem is cause by using "motherboard fast"! Try switching to Z3 instead and it should work
Thanks, I forgot to try the demo with Z3 mem... so below is my new test findings:

Used config: Quickstart A4000, 040 , 3.1 , 2MB Chip + 8MB Fast + Z3 Fast: 32MB

Z3 mapping mode:

Automatic (*) ... The "fog" effect is missing!
UAE (0x10000000) ... The "fog" effect is missing!
Real(0x40000000) ... It works fine!

Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
I double-checked Silkcut to be sure.. This time I load your config, then manually edit throttle with "uae-configuration cpu_throttle -500" prior to running the demo, and it still exit at mountain scene.
Regarding the Silkcut demo, let a little math:

If on my PC 2.13ghz the case 4) works fine with cpu_throttle=-350.0

3.8ghz / 2.13ghz = 1.784 -> -350.0 * 1.784 = -624.4

so maybe on your PC 3.8ghz it might still work fine with f.e. cpu_throttle=-650.0! (I guess)

(obviously the cpu_throttle=-500 is then "too fast" for 3.8ghz, right?)

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