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Have I stired up a hornets nest or what?

The only one's who seem to make logical sense are CJ and LaundroMat.

@Akira - Goldeneye is an FPS but have you actually played it? It kicks ass in both single and multi-player modes! Its also one of the rare exceptions when a movie tie-in is actually good! Anyone who thinks Goldeneye is crap must be insane!:hooooo

Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 are just okay - would of been better if the camera angles weren't so poor. I would rather play the original.

By the way if had actually played Zelda you would realise that there are actually platforms in it. Except they are not always suspended in mid-air.

Basically the game is a roamabouter with RPG bits in it. Its hardly a true out and out RPG.
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