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Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
Meaning that work was still done on the OS after CBM bankruptcy?
No, I did not mean to imply this.

The simplest explanation for today's leaked archive to me is that a Commodore engineer made a copy of this material for personal reasons. This kind of thing happened and still happens all the time. In some case it's a good thing, where material which would otherwise be lost could be preserved for future use.

Given how much trouble Commodore was in before the end I think it is very well possible that whoever made the copies thought of it as rescuing what he could from a smoking and in other parts blazing library.

Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
Was it automation testing or manual testing?
Strictly manual testing only (on an A3000, A1200 and an A600HD bought second-hand for the occasion). This was a private project of mine after all, in the hope that it might become useful, which it eventually did starting in 1997/1998.

I did not learn about automated testing until a lot later, and even if I had know about it back then it would have been a lost cause. AmigaOS is not designed and implemented in a manner which would facilitate testing.

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