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Originally Posted by morpa View Post
Interesting, It must have been a hell of a job/challenge getting the code up to respectable standards. I just read some old interview where it was stated as a mess, and I can see why if this was the case. What was the hardest parts besides a mountain of individual obscure compilers and components, if your'e allowed to say? Thanks for hearing a part of the story.
The hardest part was in testing and retesting the build over and over and over again.

I was hardly the first person to attempt and succeed at getting AmigaOS 3.1 to build again (that honour goes to Andy Finkel). I was sufficiently crazy to try and get it to build completely native on AmigaOS, using the smallest set of compilers and assemblers (specifically, without having to resort to using the Green Hills compiler).

That goal necessitated changes in the code (hence the retesting), and reconstructing a common build environment which allowed you to open a shell, enter "make" and wait for a couple of hours until everything had been rebuilt from scratch. This, as far as I know, had not been possible since 1986.
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