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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
Like kamelito already said: this stuff hasn't been leaked now, it's been leaked in the late nineties. Rumors have it that Tyschtschenko handed out the sources to a whole bunch of people in Germany (in addition to Phase5, which already had them) to make sure they don't get lost during the next bankruptcy.
I heard these rumours, but as far as I can tell from the contents of today's leaked archive, this leaked archive is much older than the material which Amiga Technologies GmbH received in 1995.

In fact, what Amiga Technologies GmbH received was the complete set of files, as available then. Today's leaked archive only contains a small portion thereof. I daresay that this leaked archive comes from a completely different source.

Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
It could have been saved for not being lost, that doesn't mean that it has been leaked on purpose by one of the original team.
Is that material different for the one you saved from DAT backup?
Yes. Today's leaked archive contains a small subset of the material provided to Amiga Technologies GmbH back in 1995.

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