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Well... if you put it like that.

It's much more than a "compile job". If you looked at the archive contents (which I do not condone) you would find that the Amiga operating system consists of some 280 (give or take) individual components (a component would be a library, a device driver, a shell command or application program such as "HDToolBox").

Each component has to be built individually, and in many cases with a particular compiler (Green Hills, Lattice 'C', SAS/C, Manx Aztec 'C'), or a particular assembler, or it would either fail to build correctly, or at all (e.g. only the Green Hills compiler can build a correct intuition.library).
Interesting, It must have been a hell of a job/challenge getting the code up to respectable standards. I just read some old interview where it was stated as a mess, and I can see why if this was the case. What was the hardest parts besides a mountain of individual obscure compilers and components, if your'e allowed to say? Thanks for hearing a part of the story.
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