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Originally Posted by morpa View Post
Wow, had no clue. I guess a lot of people didn't know. I hope Olaf documented his compile job somewhere...
Well... if you put it like that.

It's much more than a "compile job". If you looked at the archive contents (which I do not condone) you would find that the Amiga operating system consists of some 280 (give or take) individual components (a component would be a library, a device driver, a shell command or application program such as "HDToolBox").

Each component has to be built individually, and in many cases with a particular compiler (Green Hills, Lattice 'C', SAS/C, Manx Aztec 'C'), or a particular assembler, or it would either fail to build correctly, or at all (e.g. only the Green Hills compiler can build a correct intuition.library).

Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
Original Amiga engineers... pure speculation.
Having had a look at the archive I would say that this theory has its merits. None of the files in the archive are newer than May 5th, 1994. Commodore went bancrupt in late April 1994.

To me this suggests that somebody with access to both the AmigaOS 3.1 source code and other material from the same server, as well to material from the Commodore Amiga Technical Support (CATS) department, must have used the last opportunity to grab it.

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