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Thanks for this wonderful Christmas gift. I'm enjoying it.

I'm playing it using FS-UAE, and found the default A500 configuration seemed too slow, and the default A4000 configuration seemed too fast. What's working best for me is the 020 version using a custom A600 configuration as follows:
amiga_model = A600
cpu = 68EC020
fast_memory = 4096
slow_memory = 1024
uae_blitter_cycle_exact = true
uae_cpu_24bit_addressing = true
uae_cpu_compatible = true
uae_cpu_cycle_exact = true
uae_cpu_frequency = 16
uae_cpu_speed = real
uae_cpu_throttle = 0.0
uae_cycle_exact = true
Probably not all of those settings are necessary, but just thought I'd share in case it helps someone else enjoy the game in FS-UAE.

Thanks again!
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