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Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
Last Train To Danzig:
Yep this works fine on my default RTG/JIT config. I will attach, but be warned it is far from 'quickstart' settings
Thanks, so it works fine with RTG/JIT and missing the "fog effect" on AGA/JIT, right !? (Btw. I have tested it only on AGA)

Hmm, I didn't find anywhere that is said "for RTG only", so something might be wrong with WinUAE AGA emulation than, I guess... of course, this needs to be checked/tested on a real AGA 68040/60 Amiga too!

Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
I tried the latest config file for Silkcut.
This time it run complete without any "glitches", although it is dropping lots of frames in the more cpu-intensive scenes.
One thing I forgot to mention about this "experimental" configuration files...
It needs to be changed only with some editor like f.e. Notepad, otherwise if is changed via WinUAE menu it will reset to default settings! (so its good to check that the mentioned values in the config file are not changed before loading/starting it on emu!)

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