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Hear, hear!

I couldn't agree more with CJ here.

I'm not trying to diss anyone, because I'm really fond of this forum, but in my mind this 3D games disapproval is a tad too much. While it is true that there's a plethora of shitty 3D games on the PC, there's also a substantial amount of satisfying games (some of them already mentioned above).

Not the 3D-aspect of the games is to be discussed, but simply the fact that game development has become almost the equal of movie production: i.e. money reigns. The studio's don't give a damn whether their release is a quality product or not, as long as it sells. Marketing techniques and sales figures are a lot more important nowadays than before. Studio's will rather fall back on a sure-selling technique than try out something new.

And sometimes, among the mainstream, you will find a true gem of a game. Whether it's a 3D FPS, a 2D platformer, or something completely novel.
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