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Garfield: Winter's Tail - Fixed and finished!

I usually keep all my Octotiggy posts in one thread, but I thought some might find this interesting outside of our usual videos.

Last Xmas we played Garfield: Winter's Tail on our YouTube channel. It's not the best game, but the graphics are pretty good. I made my wife suffer through it, only to be met by a huge glitch in the ice skating level that was always present when I played this as a kid.

For anyone who knows this game, the ice skating level is basically a big maze of snow on a frozen lake, and the obstacles include water and thin ice. As you progress through the maze, you eventually come to a section of garbled textures that behave like unpassable water. This always confused me as a kid, as I figured either a) this was an intentional dead-end and I just wasn't navigating the maze correctly, or b) that my copy of the game was glitched. Because of the garbled textures, I could never finish the ice skating level or see the game's ending.

11 months later, @RoePipi contacted us on Twitter and said that he was going to dig into the game's code to see what the deal with the garbled textures was, as it had bugged him as a kid too. He found that the proper ice skating level map was actually on the disk, but was loaded incorrectly by the game, garbling the whole bottom half of the level. Though it seems like a bug, RoePipi posited that this could actually be intentional copy protection.

Either way, he managed to create a WinUAE game save that features the ice skating level loaded correctly, and also drew out a level map. We played the level again, though I still got stuck in the maze (due to me trying to play it without the map). RoePipi also created a version of the level where all the snow "walls" are replaced with passable tree shadow textures, which means you can go absolutely everywhere. This was the most interesting to me, as it meant we could look at a few items on the level that we'd never seen before.

Once we found the exit, we could finally watch the game's ending. I've already seen the C64 version's ending on YouTube (and the ZX Spectrum version too, I'm pretty sure), but never the Amiga version (which obviously looks much better). The game isn't that great, and the ending is short, weird, and doesn't make much sense, but I'm glad to have finally seen it. I'd be happy to hear anyone's interpretation of it!

Here's RoePipi documenting his process.

Click here to see the ending of [ Show youtube player ]!

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