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Originally Posted by boatofcar View Post
Thanks for the review! I agree, James Pond 2 was quite innovative in many respects, especially the torso functionality. If only you could have activated it mid-jump, it would have been super-cool. Thanks to the link to the papercraft model box! Mind if I share it on our Facebook page?
Yeah sure, feel free. I'd love to see it end up being used as a pencil holder in Timbuktu a few years down the line.

A mid-jump failsafe like that would certainly have prevented you from falling what seemed like thousands of feet right back to square one. Now that was frustrating!

The sequel - Operation Starfish - expanded on the Robocod concept, taking it in a more Sonicy direction, though it was largely met with a lukewarm reception. There was also going to be a fourth outing known as 'The Curse of Count Piracula' before the world moved on and lost interest in this kind of game. Shame the Kickstarter revival campaign fell flat on its face.
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