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Originally Posted by dreamkatcha View Post
Agreed, it's a contentious piece of software in general. Really if Coanto are going to take an existing, incredible piece of free software and then charge for it, they should be adding value, not guaging it out. I voted with my wallet.

I didn't know anyone with a Kickstart 1.2 fuelled A500 either. They were only available for the first year of production beginning in '87 so you'd have to be an early adopter to get your hands on one. I was still playing Midnight Resistance and Rainbow Islands on my Speccy at the time.

I fell in love with Robocod (the artist formerly known as 'Guppie') from the moment I played the coverdisk cake level demo; sickeningly cutesy yet still somehow edgy and cool. I pestered Santa to bring me the full game for Christmas and have completed it several times over the years without cake-hammer-earth-apple-tap-ing one ioto.

By the way you can find my paper craft version of the game box on my blog. Pathetic excuse for a hobby I know, though it just goes to show the extent to which this game still resonates with me after all these years, and especially at Christmas time. Robocod is the Christmas game for the Miggy.

It defined the era where a couple of guys had free reign to inject all manner of wackiness into a game without putting it to a shareholder's vote, or applying to the EU for permission. The extendo-torso was an innovative, inspired play mechanic which breathed new life into an already weary genre. The sum of its parts, rather than a single revolutionary, killer feature made it one of the all-time greats; catchy, hummable music, tongue-in-cheek humour, massive end of level bosses, beautiful, colourful graphics, ridiculous (though not merely gimmicky) vehicles to help navigate the vast levels, endless hidden pathways and bonuses, a varied mix of gameplay styles from shoot-em-up to forced scroll platforming action, silky-smooth 50 fps parallax scrolling. Plus all the other things I'll kick myself for not mentioning after I hit the post button.

Did anyone get the demo on one of PC Format's cover disks and unlock the complete game with the cheat code? Spectacular own goal!
Thanks for the review! I agree, James Pond 2 was quite innovative in many respects, especially the torso functionality. If only you could have activated it mid-jump, it would have been super-cool. Thanks to the link to the papercraft model box! Mind if I share it on our Facebook page?
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