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Originally posted by MarzAttakz
What about Sonic Adventure 1 & 2? They're pretty impressive 3D roamabouters. And Jet Set/Grind Radio is technically considered a 3D roamabouter as well, in some aspects at least.
I have not played Sonic Adventure, so I don't judge it. Personally I think Sonic Team can;t screw up, so they should be mighty fine games. Jet Grind Radio has nothing to do with a roamabouter IMO.

What, you mean ALL remakes? So you never liked Frogger? Or Pacman World? Or Pitfall 3D? Or South Park? (OK that doesn't quite fit but hey it's a 3D makeover of a well-known 2D show ) What did you think of GBC remakes of old games?
All those games you mentioned are complete pish. I preffer the original versions tenfold. GBC remakes of old games are sometimes good, because they stuck 2D and kept the essence. They still managed to screw them up, for example, International Karate. It's EONS better on the C64.

I''ll end up saying that THPS seems good. I have tried teh Gameboy Advance version, and it's a VERY recommended buy. As I previously said, it reminds me of Skate or Die

Originally posted by CodyJarret
To dismiss all these genres because they are 3D is silly, as that would be a complete generalisation. I've played many PC games and while I don't like the PC and Windows, the games have nothing to do with these.
I agree. As I said, I do not absh tehm automatically for being 3D, and I do giev games a chance before bashing or praising them. But why do softcos have to make EVERY game 3D, when sometimes it just doesn't fit? It's mostly noticeable in 3D remakes.

What I dislike is this trend you mention of making everything 'more real'... I mean, wat the fuck is real in a blue hedgehog that walks in two legs, running around places and acquiring rings by osmosis? To me, games are not supposed to mimic reality.

Otherwise make a footy game where you keep on yelling the whole match to see if your mates pass you the ball.. And the game should last 90 minutes. THAT is reality Arse.
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