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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Next version will add some logging. Until then it is "works for me"
I assume old touch 3+ seconds top of screen = GUI still works?`
Yes Toni. 3+s Works. Some more info btw. I'm running amikit 8 on one of those win8 bay trail "retina" display Chinese tablets (teclast x98 air II). For some reason during today test it worked (repeatedly). Weirdly though. A very little finger movement leads to huge pointer movement, and pointer moves in something like tens of pixels steps (as if it was on a grid). Undesired left click is also very frequent (ie just trying to move the pointer leads to selecting a portion of workbench ie dash rectangle). Then all the sudden, pointer freezes, with still no way for me to relate this freeze to any particular action but maybe a Rapid finger movement. When pointer freezes, 3+s stillworks.

Ok this is too fuzzy to be of any help. So will post logs as soon as you introduce some.

Thanks again

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