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A bit late, sorry, but a Christmas memory just climbed out of the deep, dark recesses of my brain that I had to share; Click Video Magazine, the 90s computer game 'mag' delivered in VHS video format.

Kids would scoff at how ridiculous the idea is today, but this was way before anyone had even dreamt YouTube would ever become a reality. I was on the way to my uncle's mansion in the country with my brother and parents for the annual Christmas visit when we stopped off at the motorway service station. I was grumpy because I knew it was going to be a tedious affair and I'd be gameless all night because the trusty Amiga 500 wouldn't fit in my pocket. I spotted this new gaming fix on the newsagent shelves and it saved the day. I even got to watch it on the big telly in the living room - something which would never have happened at home.

Looking back now it's truely awful viewing, but my expectations were rock bottom in those primitive, pre-internet days and this featured moving Amiga games in a magazine, well, of sorts, with no computer in sight. My tiny mind short circuited.
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