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Originally Posted by JanciB View Post
I am using this approach. Display windowed 720x576. Line mode single. Resolution Lores. Sound unticked Automatic switching.
Filter Null filter, horiz. size 2x, vert. size 2x. Output capture before filtering (with this you can play at 2x resolution,
but record only at 1x resolution).
Audio codec pcm 44,100, 16Bit, Stereo.
Video codec Lagarith.

After recording I am using Avisynth, where I crop the video, resize it with point resize to 2x.
Then resize it with Lanczos to vertical size 720. Then add borders so the resulting frame size is 1280x720.
At the end i need to add ConvertToYV12() filter because i want to compress it with x264. This modifies the colors a little bit.

The avs file I load to Megui and compress it with highest nero aac quality and lossless x264.
Mux it to mp4 file.
Youtube plays it at 720@50 fine.
Thanks, this is the recordedamigagames method I mentioned, I will check if there's some step that's different from mine, but I have made 50 Hz videos using this method with borders to create a perfect video. The problem I had was that I got an FPS of 49.997, not 50, and that made the uploader not recognize it at 50. I've tweaked the framerate output in WinUAE up to 50.1 Hz, but I still don't get an exact 50 fps that Youtube will recognize on upload. The 720p50 option is missing.

I'll try with the Lagarith codec to start with, but this will surely trigger a recode by Youtube since it will not allow such bitrates.
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