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Youtube mangles recorded uploads from WinUAE - best way?

This is obviously not a WinUAE problem, but I thought it relevant to post here since I'd like to know if there's a good way now to avoid the mangling, and perhaps to even record 50 fps video. I thought the codec settings in WinUAE matters in this.

I've tried the "recordedamigagames" approach, but that seems to not apply anymore? Or the docs on how to do it have been updated and I've not checked properly. I'm trying to say that using the Camtasia, Virtualdub etc steps will not avoid the mangling anymore the way it used to.

The symptoms are mainly framerate stutters in perfectly smooth scrollers, and codec mangling of colorful copperbars etc. Yellow text on blue background? Whoa there Nelly, you're asking too much!

So if there's an expert here, please teach me

If the advice is to not use Youtube but upload it elsewhere or optimize the video from 500MB to 50 MB and host it perfectly yourself, I'll listen with both ears too.
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