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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
It isn't working for me either. I didn't get any jumpy or any sort of movement whatsoever.
maybe I shall clarify what I call "jumps" in my own report. I generally did not get the cursor to move at all. Something like maybe twice I had it moving by putting 2 fingers on left side of screen (pretty much the way you would place them to start a "pinch to zoom" gesture) then moving them together up/down/left/right. The cursor moved signicantly then ended up close to upper left corner of screen. this happened so rarely and lasted so little that I can not be 100% sure the cursor movement had actually anything to do with this weird gesture. btw I wasnt even able to reproduce it later on.

Anyhow Toni I appreciate you started doing something for tablets support in spite of the fact youre not convinced about usefulness of such feature.

Merry Christmas to all of you from south east of France !
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